What is Sparkson? No, it’s not my maiden name. Parents, you can relate to this story.  You know when you are trying to say one kid’s name and every one but the right one comes out of your mouth. Sometimes even the dog name gets thrown in there!   That is how I came up with “Sparkson.” It is a combination of all three of my boys’ names. Now when the right name is not coming to me, I just say “Sparkson,” and they somehow know which one I’m actually trying to say.  It’s actually a great time saver when I want to call all of them at once!

I read an article recently that said the reason we confuse names is because we keep all the names of loved ones in a folder in our brain.  When we are in a hurry, our brain may retrieve the wrong name from that folder. It also said it is not uncommon to get the dog’s name mixed in there as well.  Doesn’t that make you feel better about saying the wrong name?

So why is “Sparkson” the name of my business?  My name would be an obvious choice, except “Jennifer Jones Photography” results in over 11 million results on Google!  Every variation of my initials is taken, and my maiden name is way too hard to spell.  A name that describes my style felt too cheesy or already taken.  Sparkson sounds like a name and describes my style.  My style is all about that “love folder” in your brain: Your connection to the people that fill that folder and how you show that love every day.

Being amongst the chaos of children, pets, and every day life is truly where I feel the most comfortable as a photographer.  I try to capture the small gestures of love that often go unnoticed: the way you pull back your daughter’s hair, the quick hug with your partner before the kids interrupt, the way you help your son tie his shoes before he takes off on his next adventure. I feel so passionately that is important to preserve those moments so as children grow into teenagers and adults, they can SEE how they were loved and KNOW they are part of your “love folder.”


Sparkson Photography

Jennifer Jones of Sparkson Photography is a documentary style family photographer specializing in family, newborn, and school portraits. Serving Kitsap County, WA and surrounding area.

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