A Fresh 48 session is a new take on newborn photography. It is the easiest way to remember your first days with baby. I know when I had my three boys, I remembered most of the delivery, but the time in the hospital, getting to know baby, the people that came to visit, is all a bit of a blur. By the time we got to #3, I honestly do not even remember what my room looked like, and even less, all his tiny features. Then when we got home, and added in the chaos of every day life, there was literally no time to take out of our schedule to get professional newborn pictures taken. (A professional newborn photographer will take an entire afternoon to get those adorable poses.)

The way a Fresh 48 session works is you book me in advance.  I will meet with you and your family to learn more about what is important to you so I can be sure to capture that during your photo session.  Then you call me as soon as you are able after baby is born, and we plan a time for me to come before you leave the hospital or birthing center.  Babies and doctors have their own schedule, and I am very understanding if anything interrupts our time.  A session typically takes about 90 minutes, but I am happy to stay longer if necessary.  During that time, I will capture all of baby’s tiny features and your family meeting baby.

What if…?  There are no certainties when it comes to baby’s birth.  Baby can come early or late, or there can be complications.  I understand.  I am on-call two weeks before and two weeks after your due date.  If there any complications, or you are uncomfortable having me there for any reason, I will wait until you are ready.  We can always do an in-home session at a later date.   During any of my photography sessions, especially newborns, relaxed and easy is the goal.  You do not need to  have nice clothes or even put on make-up.  You just had a baby! I want you to be comfortable! And most of all, I want you to enjoy this time getting to know baby.

We all know babies change and grow so quickly in their first year, but I am always surprised how much they change in just their first weeks. From the time I take pictures to the time I deliver the family’s images, they can look completely different.  The first days with baby are momentous, fleeting, and life changing, and they pass in the blink of an eye.

If you are interested in capturing these amazing moments with your little one, give me a call. I would love to hear what excites you the most about baby’s arrival.

Sparkson Photography

Jennifer Jones of Sparkson Photography is a documentary style family photographer specializing in family, newborn, and school portraits. Serving Kitsap County, WA and surrounding area.

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