It was a perfect day to capture Halloween traditions at the pumpkin patch.  It seemed all of Kitsap County agreed a warm, sunny Sunday with no Seahawks game made the pumpkin patch the place to go!  People that had worked at Hunter Farms for years said they had never seen it so busy!  Being a military family, it is difficult to establish holiday traditions, but going to a pumpkin patch is one they do every year and so we went, despite the crowds.


We were lucky to get an open trailer to enjoy the warmth.  (On a typical Washington fall day, this would have been very unlucky!) As we clambered up onto the hayride and everyone scurried to find their seat, I was reminded of riding in the back of pickups during my childhood.  Since it was not something we did often and it is “unsafe,” it was always exciting, like a special treat or we getting away with breaking the rules—just a little bit.  We bounced along out to the field and waved to the people that decided to forego the long line and just walk to the field. The energy radiated out of those around us as they envisioned the perfect pumpkin and began the search. (Little ones confined to their parent’s lap, and couldn’t see out, waited impatiently.)

Boy on hayride, kitsap, WA

Pumpkin Patch

The hunt begins!  The oldest one wanted the biggest one he could find.  The parents reminded all of the children, “You have to be able to carry it by yourself!”  The children ran from pumpkin to pumpkin in hopes the next one would be “the one,” but were often disappointed to find many had bad spots, and the selection was not as plentiful as it appeared from the hayride.  However, hopes stayed high and creativity continued with visions of what the pumpkins could become as they were inspired by the different shapes and colors.  A still green pumpkin is the perfect shape of Slimer from Ghostbusters.  A round white one will be a great ghost.  And this big orange one, well, it is the biggest one he can carry.

looking for pumpkins

Maze, Animals, and Food

After more line waiting to get back on the hayride, there was more line waiting to pay for the spoils of their hunt.  After the obligatory picture with a pile of pumpkins, the older two were off to the indoor maze made of hay bales and to see the animals on display.  The youngest one stayed close to mom and dad because he did not like the giant spider sitting on top of the maze. They visited the small store and checked out the local vendor booths.  The ice cream was very tempting, but it was finally time for the highlight of whole trip, the moment they had been talking about all day: corn on the cob.  They all loved the roasted corn on the cob last year and had to get it again this year!  Of course, there was more waiting, but it was worth it!

boys eating corn on the cob



The car ride home was very quiet one.  A perfect combination of a full tummy, fresh air, sun, running around, and the lull of the car, makes a nap irresistible to even the biggest of kids.

brothers sleeping in car

Despite the crowds, and the waiting, everyone enjoyed themselves (and the gorgeous weather) just being together while doing this family tradition.  Traditions give us something to look forward to.  They provide a sense of security in knowing what to expect.  Each year traditions give you a time to look back on and say “Remember how we …  And that one time…”

With the holidays approaching at full speed, what are some of your traditions?  We talk a lot about Christmas traditions (check out this family’s Christmas traditions, and this family’s Christmas morning), but do you have any Halloween traditions?

Contact me to starting planning how you would like to document your holiday traditions.


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