Fresh 48 Newborn Photography

Fresh 48 newborn sessions are the perfect blend of documentary and lifestyle photography for brand new babies in the first 48 hours after birth. This type of newborn photo shoot typically takes place where the baby was born whether that may be the hospital, birthing center, or your home. The focus is on the baby and the family meeting their new loved one for the first time.

Why You’ll Love Your Fresh 48 Newborn Photos

A Fresh 48 newborn session is a gentle approach to newborn photography. Your stay in the hospital with baby will go by like a blur and once you’re finally home, you can expect excited visitors while you attempt to begin a routine. So planning a complex shoot will likely be the last thing on your mind. In a Fresh 48 session, you can look forward to a relaxed and laidback newborn session that will result in meaningful photos of the very first moments of your newborn’s life.

  • Low stress, easygoing photo shoot
  • Surrounded by everything you need
  • Siblings are free to relax and play
  • Capture first time family meets your baby

Many of the most memorable photos come from unplanned moments in comfortable settings. I’ll photograph your baby and all the tiny details, as well as photos of mom, dad, siblings, and grandparents meeting baby. You’ll have newborn portraits to share with family and friends, pictures to hang on your wall, and album to cherish for years to come.

“Such a huge thank you Jen! We are just over the moon with our photos and products. Also thank you for being so amazing with D! You made us all feel so comfortable which definitely translated in our beautiful pictures which will with out a doubt be great memories down the road!”
– Polly D.


What to Expect During Your Session

Notify me as soon as your new baby arrives! I’ll be on call two weeks before and after your due date and will plan to visit in the next 24 hours once you’re settled in and everyone can relax. Let the baby take the lead for documentary style newborn portraits that immortalize the very brief time you spend with your baby before stepping foot into your new life together.

Bring anything special you’d like to include in your newborn’s photos like blankets or gifts. Dress comfortably! Feel free to bring a cute outfit for the baby. Most importantly, be you! And enjoy this precious time with your brand new baby.

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