Fresh 48s are a new approach to newborn photography. Fresh 48s allow me to stay true to my style and are the perfect blend of the documentary and lifestyle approaches.

What is a Fresh 48?

A Fresh 48 Newborn photo session takes place within 48 hours of the baby being born typically at the location where the baby was born: hospital, birthing center, or home. The photographer does not bring a background or props. The focus is on baby, and all the family members meeting baby for the first time.

sister meeting newborn baby for the first time


My Approach to the Fresh 48

My newborn families receive the same care and attention as my family sessions: pre-consult, minimal editing, design consult, and photo album. You can read more about them in my previous blog postI plan for a Fresh 48 session to last up to two hours. This will allow us time to tend to baby’s needs as they arise. I will take photos of just baby and all those tiny details, as well as photos of mom, dad, siblings, even grandparents meeting baby. As with my documentary and lifestyle sessions, I do little directing. I ask families to interact near the windows. Natural light makes beautiful pictures especially compared to harsh hospital lights. I do not ask families to wear anything special or do their hair and make-up. (Mom just had a baby!) I believe when people are comfortable physically and mentally, they are able to let their true personality shine through. That creates moments you want to remember in pictures.

Another great thing about Fresh 48’s is that it is low stress especially for families with other children. If you’ve just had a baby, it’s more than likely, that you do not want to get all of the family dressed up, pack up a diaper bag with snacks, extra clothes, and entertainment for everyone to sit in a hot studio for hours. Since I come to you, there is no pressure to get out of the house, which all moms will tell you is the half the battle of going anywhere. You are surrounded by everything you may need; siblings are free to relax and play.

In the end, you have newborn pictures to share with family and friends, pictures to hang on your wall, and album to cherish for years to come.

father holding newborn


With the birth of any baby, there is always some uncertainty. I am on call beginning two weeks before baby is due. I ask families to update me if they have any news about baby’s arrival and to call me as soon as possible after baby is born to schedule. If there are complications, such as baby is in NICU, I ask families to keep me up-to-date and communicate their wishes in light of their situation. I’m always happy to accommodate!

If you are expecting and would like more information about Fresh 48 sessions, I look forward to hearing from you. 

Sparkson Photography

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