Forget Fresh 48, Baby L was a Fresh 24!  Baby was able to meet all her grandparents and have a photo shoot less than 24 hours after being born. She is already quite a popular little lady!  The room was extra joyous. When Baby L arrived, all the grandparents were able to help in some way.  Dad has all brothers, so his mom was so excited to finally have a girl!  Mom was adopted, and Big Brother was born overseas so Mom’s parents have had no experience with a brand new baby.  It was a unique and special moment watching Mom and Dad teach the grandparents how to care for a newborn.  Big Brother loved the commotion and playtime with all his grandparents.  He didn’t have time for little sister, but when the room started to calm, he was ready to show her some love.  Being with Baby L’s family was truly an unparalleled experience.

Sparkson Photography

Jennifer Jones of Sparkson Photography is a documentary style family photographer specializing in family, newborn, and school portraits. Serving Kitsap County, WA and surrounding area.

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