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“We get to play with balls today!”  I heard as I walked across the front lawn of the YMCA for my first day of Women’s Transformation Bootcamp.  It was Anne who had exclaimed this.  During our year of boot camp, we learned a lot about each other.  There is nothing like nearly dying twice a week to bring a group of people together!  I learned Anne is extremely strong as she proudly used her black resistance bands.  She loves her teenage son, veteran husband, chocolate, wine, and liquor.  Anne has a huge heart; she genuinely cares for everyone in her life and will do anything she can to help or support them.  She has a knack for inappropriate comments, which kept us all laughing through the pain. 

The greatest trait I learned about Anne through boot camp though is that she never gives up.  She did every exercise for the entire set time or reps.  She may have needed to modify and go about it a different way, but she found a way to push through.  It is a trait that motivated me through boot camp and now inspires everyone she knows.  You see, a few months after boot camp ended, Anne began what could be called “the mother of all boot camps.” She was diagnosed with cervical leiomyosacroma (LMS), an extremely rare cancer. (Due to its location, her treatment plan follows the protocol for uterine LMS.)

Anne has been very open about her journey.  She wants to bring awareness to women’s cancers and educate others.  She has shared the good, the bad, the frustrating, and her hopes.  I asked Anne if I could document her journey and help her spread awareness for LMS.  Our goal is to keep it honest through pictures and words.  We want to show how life is the same but vastly different, how Anne and her family are coping, but mostly how incredibly strong Anne is in spirit and body as she is tested like never before.

To follow Anne’s progress, visit my weekly blog posts.  The first blog details the events leading up to her fourth surgery in less than three months, which is where I joined Anne on her journey.

LMS Facts:

Leiomyosacroma is a cancer of any involuntary muscles.

  • Leio= smooth
  • Myo= muscle
  • Sacroma= malignant tumor of any connective tissue

It is estimated that 6 out of 1,000,000 women in the US are diagnosed with uterine LMS annually.

Uterine LMS is almost always found by chance during surgery to remove fibroids.

To learn more about LMS and the fight Anne is up against, check out these websites.

LMSarcoma Direct Research

National LeioMyoSarcoma Foundation

Sarcoma Alliance

Sarcoma Foundation of America

Follow Anne’s journey with the most recent blog updates.

Anne’s Story: In Memorandum

Review: Anne passed away due to complications from uterine leiomyosarcoma (LMS). June 8, 2019 Anne’s memorial was held at the church she grew up in.  The small church quickly filled with friends and family of all ages from all the country.  Boy Scout and Navy uniforms...

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Anne’s Story: See You on the Other Side

Review: Anne’s chemotherapy is no longer working. Her doctors will throw everything at the cancer: chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation, hoping the full assault will have an impact.  The reality of the brutal, aggressive nature of leiomyosarcoma cannot be...

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Anne’s Story: Hail Mary

  Hail Mary Review: Anne completed three rounds of her newest chemo regiment and had a regularly scheduled CT scan to see if it was working.  It was not. April 2019 Days after learning the devastating news, Anne and Ray went to the local chemo clinic to learn the...

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