Review: Anne has adjusted to her new “normal.” Between chemo and routine checkups, she is managing her symptoms of fatigue and “bathroom challenges” by staying hydrated and eating whenever she can.  She continues to receive acupuncture and lymphatic (strain/counterstain) massage to relieve side effects and enhance her healing.

September 2018

Anne, a mutual friend, and I all met for brunch at her favorite restaurant to celebrate the results of her latest CT scan: more shrinkage of the tumors in her lungs, liver, and abdomen.  While there is great joy with this news, one cannot ignore the toll the chemo is taking. Fatigue, loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea zap her energy and strength.   She has to manage her energy, not just picking which social events to attend, but also what housework to do.

While at the CT scan, Anne’s husband, Ray, used a wheelchair to get Anne to her appointments.  When I was with her weeks earlier, she was able to walk.  It was slow and we took breaks, but she persisted.  Having to use the wheelchair is humbling and frustrating to her especially thinking of what she was able to do just months ago.  However, Anne is learning to listen to and respect what her body is telling her.

leiomyosarcoma awareness, LMS, cancer fighter

Anne’s friend dyed her hair purple for LMS awareness. They met up for brunch to celebrate a good CT scan.

Chemo Break

At Anne’s last two check-ups, she has discussed taking a break from the chemo over the holidays.  She was not able to fully enjoy the holidays last year as she was recovering from surgery. All her family will be in town. She wants to enjoy her time with them, partake in the traditions, and eat lots of food!  She began planning their traditional Christmas brunch back in June.  It gave her something to look forward to and reminded her what she was fighting for.

Taking a break is not an easy decision to make.  Her cancer is so aggressive, will the tumors grow during the break, undoing everything that’s been accomplished so far?  Will she even want to start again?  During the break, Anne will be meeting the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance about possibly enrolling in clinical trials.  Again there are many questions: Does she qualify?  Do they stop what is working and try something new?  Will the trials work?

chemo side effects, neuropathy, cancer treatment

Anne places icepacks on her hands and feet while receive chemotherapy to counteract the neuropathy she has begun to experience.


family support, cancer treatment, chemotherapy, cancer fighter,

Anne’s sister and niece keep her company during a chemo treatment.

Role Reversal

Being a submariner’s wife is no easy job, and it is difficult to understand unless you have lived it.  Anne is the quintessential submariner wife: unbelievably independent, resourceful, emotionally strong, and a force to be reckoned with.  Submariners are completely reliant on their spouse to take care of literally every aspect of their personal lives while deployed up to six months at a time with extremely limited communication.

In the past year, Anne and Ray’s relationship has grown closer than ever as their roles reverse and she becomes reliant on him, and he takes on tasks and chores he never imagined.  There is a saying in the submarine community “Love Runs Deep,” and as cheesy as I think it sounds, it is true.  Submarine couples that stay together have overcome many situations and emotions that normally tear a couple apart.  Knowing what Ray and Anne have already faced in their 29-year marriage, one cannot help but respect and admire their love for each other.  Ray, a man of few words, has this advice to anyone whose spouse is battling cancer: Just love her.

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