Review: Anne did not qualify for clinical trials and started the third line of FDA approved chemotherapy for leiomyosarcoma.

March 2019

I took Anne out to lunch.  Moving around took great effort and focus.  At the restaurant, Anne barely touched her food and eventually pushed it away to lay her head on the table.  She moaned and slowly rocked herself.  Helpless is the only word to describe how one feels in that situation.  After a “bathroom emergency,” I took her home.  She explained the pain could be described as extreme menstrual cramps.  At home, she went straight to bed.

cancer patient, breakfast food

Anne tries to deal with her pain while at a restaurant.

In the following days, Anne celebrated her anniversary (30 years!), her birthday, and her son’s birthday.  Reflecting on all the celebrations, she wrote on her Facebook page “Every day is a gift.”

She then had her third round of the new chemo.  After every third round, Anne goes in for a CT scan to see if it is working.  This time she was able to have it done at the local naval hospital and the results would be sent to her doctor at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA).  As usual, she had to fast and drink a “smoothie” ahead of time.  However, at this hospital, she must drink it in the waiting room.  Needless to say, it was a full afternoon of “hurry up and wait.”  Anne’s neighbor and I were there to keep her company and help pass the time.

CT drink

I held Anne’s “smoothie” while she completed the paperwork. She needs to drink each amount within the time written on the jug. One year ago, Anne was drinking a mai tai out of the same jug at her Buzzed and Brownies party.


cancer patient in waiting room

It was a day of “hurry up and wait” at the doctor’s office.


woman pouring pills in her hand

Anne has a new prescription to help manage her pain.

While waiting, Anne moaned in pain from time to time but it was better than the weeks prior because she had been prescribed extended release pain medications. Anne also showed me a notebook she started.  It lists which of her items she would like to give away and the recipients, the songs she wants to be played, and who she wants to be a part of her service.

christian songs written on notebook paper

Anne began a notebook to make her wishes known.

One week later, Anne got the results of the CT scan at her appointment with her doctor at SCCA.  The news hit hard.  Growth in the tumor in her abdomen and more lung spots.  The chemo is not working.

Every Day Is A Gift.

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