Documentary Family Photographer in Kitsap County

As a documentary family photographer in Kitsap County, I focus on photographing families in real life, day-to-day moments often in their own home. So many of our most beautiful memories happen at home where we feel most comfortable and can connect with one another. Every photo shoot tells a story of a family with candid moments, playful and sweet interaction, and lots of fun!

Inspired by my own family, documentary family sessions capture the authentically beautiful memories in your home or on location.

In-Home Documentary Family Sessions

When you book an in-home documentary family session, you can expect an easygoing photo shoot of your family in their most comfortable environment. Instead of scheduling a shoot, you’ll be inviting me into your home to share a day at home with your family. I’ll photograph your everyday life along with all the quiet, playful, chaotic, and perfectly imperfect moments! This is the time that you’ll always want to remember and I want to document your life in a way that will make you smile and reminisce.

A low-pressure family photo shoot that highlights your family’s day-to-day life, an in-home documentary family photo session offers a relaxing, fun way to document your family’s beautiful life!

Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions

One of the most important and amazing events in your life, the birth of your child is full of emotion and the days spent in the hospital waiting to go home with anticipation. A Fresh 48 session occurs within 48 hours of your baby’s birth. I’ll visit you in the hospital to photograph your newborn during the first moments with you and your family. Your baby’s earliest and simplest experiences photograph beautifully whether they include sleeping, nursing, being held, or even crying!

The first 48 hours go by so quickly and a Fresh 48 session saves those fleeting memories.

Fine Art School Portraits

Fine art school portraits create an authentic image of each child with natural smiles and poses. With a lighthearted atmosphere, children relax and let their personalities shine!

Families receive a password protected school gallery with their child’s portraits in a separate collection so they can easily choose their favorites to print. I offer class photos and staff portraits with a complimentary print package for each staff member.

To show appreciation for our educators, I donate 10% of all school portrait gross sales to the school!

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Sparkson Photography

Jennifer Jones of Sparkson Photography is a documentary style family photographer specializing in family, newborn, and school portraits. Serving Kitsap County, WA and surrounding area.

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